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Summer Break

I will have a time off during the summer to reload batteries and just enjoy wine. See you!

Due parental leave the break is extended.

Wines to remember:

  • Bürklin-Wolf – Riesling “Wachenheim” 2011
  • Gies-Düppel – Riesling “Rotliegendes” -Schiefer- 2011
  • Gies-Düppel – Riesling -R- “Birkweiler Kastanienbusch” 2011
  • Gies-Düppel – Riesling “Kastanienbusch” 2010
  • Gies-Düppel – Scheurebe 2012
  • Gies-Düppel – Weisser Burgunder “Kastanienbusch” 2009
  • Gies-Düppel – Weisser Burgunder “Kastanienbusch” 2011
  • Gies-Düppel – Spätburgunder “Quarz” 2007
  • Gies-Düppel – Spätburgunder “Kastanienbusch” 2009
  • Kleinmann – Riesling “Purist” 2011
  • Krebs – Spätburgunder “Barrique” 2007
  • Krebs – Cabernet Sauvignon “Barrique” 2007
  • Mosbacher – Riesling “Basalt” 2010
  • Mosbacher – Riesling “Buntsandstein” 2010
  • Sauer – Riesling “Zinkler” 2009
  • Siener – Riesling “Taschberg” 2009
  • Siener – Riesling “Schiefer” 2009
  • Siener – Riesling “Rotliegend” 2010
  • Siener – Spätburgunder No. 1 2009
  • Stefan Meyer – Pinot Noir “Rosengarten” 2009
  • Sven Klundt – Riesling “Kastanienbusch” 2011
  • Sven Klundt – Pinot Noir “Obsession” 2009
  • Rebholz – Riesling “Kastanienbusch” GG 2007
  • Rebholz – Riesling “vom Rotliegenden” S 2009
  • Wageck-Pfaffmann – Cuvée W *** 2007
  • Winzerverein Hagnau – Hagnauer Spätburgunder (Öko) 2012
  • Zelt – Spätburgunder “Burgweg” 2007
  • Zelt – Spätburgunder “Burgweg” 2008
  • Zelt – Trilogie 2008
  • Campo alla Sughera – Adèo 2006
  • Coume del Mas – Abysses 2007
  • Domaine du Caillou – Châteauneuf-du-Pape “Les Quartz” 2006
  • Frontaura – Dominio de Valdelacasa 2008
  • Grand Veneur – Châteauneuf-du-Pape “Les Origines” 2009
  • Gualdo del Re – Federico Primo 2005
  • Gualdo del Re – Sangiovese 2005
  • Joseph Voillot – Pommard 1er cru “Les Pezerolles” 2010
  • Le Rocher des Violettes – Cuvée La Négrette Sec 2007 (better aged than expected)
  • Mas de Daumas Gassac – Rouge 2007
  • Pierre Cros – Les Aspres 2009
  • Tenuta Argentiera – Villa Donoratico 2006

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 35th

(Germany – Pfalz)

Winery Gies-Düppel ~ Riesling “Rotliegendes” Roter Sandstein 2011

Riesling_Roter_Sandstein                                Silber

A spectacular wine which shows an awesome flavor from herbs from the beginning until the end. Very fresh, a lot of power and a vitalizing acid as well. Impressive minerality, gripping. Clearly apples, peaches and citrus. Superb.

(Winery Report: Gies-Düppel)

Where to buy?
Wein-Konzept Köln / Search on Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 34th

(Spain – Ribera del Duero, 15%)

Nexus Bodegas ~ Nexus + 2006

Frontaura_Nexus                                Platin

A gigantic wine. Phenomenal balance between fully ripe fruit and tremendously complex flavor. An enchanting subtle and sensual game. Perfect elegance and freshness, no unnecessary sweetness. Masterly tannins. Adorable.

(Winery Report: Nexus)

Where to buy?
Wein-Kern Aachen / Search on Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 33rd

(France – Roussillon, 14,5%)

Domaine Boudau ~ Patrimoine 2006

Patrimoine                                Silber

This delightful wine has overcome his peak. The taste is still outstanding but it finishes extreme dry. The dominating overriped fruit is still luring. Beautiful flavor. Bread Crust in the nose. Excellent balance, nice fresh touch. A lot of chocolate and nougat. Exceptional. Heart-warming.

(Winery Report: Boudau)

Where to buy?
Wein Kern Aachen / Search on Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 32nd

(Germany – Pfalz, 13%)

Winery Gies-Düppel ~ Riesling “Kastanienbusch” 2008

Riesling_Kastanienbusch                                Gold

A barnstorming Terroir-Riesling. Very fresh and driven by brilliant minerality. Gripping. Everything is in magnificent balance. The wine combines power with playful lightness. Juicy and sharpened. Stunning flavor from herbs, earth and tobacco. Enormous subtle acid. Striking long and enduring finish. Irresistible.

(Winery Report: Gies-Düppel)

Where to buy?
Wein-Konzept Köln / Search on Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 31st

(Spain – Toro, 14%)

Bodegas Frontaura ~ Reserva 2005

Frontaura_Reserva                                Gold

Benchmark Reserva! Brilliant. The wine shows inspiring harmony and balance. Very ripe but always fresh and gallant. Compelling connection between red/black berries and the playful wood flavor. Cool and present minerality. Herbs, chocolate and coffee. Powerful. Very long lasting and multilayered. Thundering.

(Winery Report: Frontaura)

Where to buy?
Wein-Kern Aachen / Search on Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 30th

(France – Faugères, 14%)

Château De La Liquiere ~ Tucade 2005

Tucade                                Gold

A magnificent wine and a great personality. Dominating minerality from the schist. Aside glamorous dark fruit. In the background brilliant flavor and subtle wood. It comes wild and animalistic, notes of meat. A lot of power but elegant, slim, fresh and cool. Inspiring depth. Barnstorming.

Where to buy?
Kierdorf Wein Reichshof / Suche auf Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 29th

(Germany – Pfalz, 13%)

Winery Gies-Düppel ~ Riesling “Rotliegendes” Schiefer 2011

Riesling_Schiefer                                Silber

A kick-ass mountain stream full of dark schist. Clear, fresh, forcing and gripping. Uncompromising. Just the soil counts. Spectacular flavor from herbs. Ripe apples and peaches in the background. Citric as well. Formative acid. Complex and long lasting. Incredible.

(Winery Report: Gies-Düppel)

Where to buy?
Wein-Konzept Köln / Search on Wine-Searcher.com

Barrique-Haus Quickie the 28th

(Germany – Pfalz, 13,5%)

Winery Knipser ~ Cuvée X 2007

Knipser_X                                Gold

A complex and long-lasting wine of extraordinary quality. On the one side intense toasted wood, chocolate and cacao. On the other side very ripe fruit, a significant flavor (herbs) and some tobacco. Also clearly fresh minerality. Perfectly balanced. Very elegant. Juicy and a lot of power.

Where to buy?
Weinrefugium Heidelberg / Search on Wine-Searcher.com