Barrique-Haus Quickie the 27th

(Germany – Pfalz, 14,5%)

Winery Stefan Meyer ~ Pinot Noir “Rhodter Rosengarten” 2009

Meyer_Rosengarten                                Gold

A striking Pinot. Massive and densely. Extreme ripe fruit and formative toasted wood. Equilibrated brilliantly with immense flavor and fresh minerality. Earthy and a lot of dark chocolate. Multilayered and smart. Stunning.

(Winery Report: Stefan Meyer)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 26th

(Germany – Pfalz, 14%)

Winery Zelt ~ Trilogie 2008

Zelt_Trilogie                                Silber

Marvelous Bordeaux-Blend. A lot of power but shows very sharpened, juicy and nearly slim. Warm and tender. Subtle fruit, red pepper, extraordinary toasted wood and extensive flavor from herbs. Wonderful minerality. Outstanding.

(Winery Report: Zelt)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 25th

(Spain – Utiel Requena, 14,5%)

Bodegas Palmera ~ L’Angelet 2006

Saumagen                                Gold

This enthusing wine has just everything. Great balance between the ripe berries and the other leading aromas like tobacco, cacao and exquisite dark chocolate as well. Powerful but so perfectly sharpened by fresh minerality that it stays exciting juicy and elegant. Smooth and velvet. Very spicy overall. Rustic style, no modern wood. A character and a beauty at once.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 24th

(Germany – Pfalz, 12,5%)

Winery Kirchner ~ Riesling “Saumagen” 2009

Saumagen                                Gold

This stunning riesling is tremendously driven by fresh and gripping minerality. Clearly chalk. The acid is very subtle providing the wine a playful and slim character aside his power. The ripe fruit is just shaping. Dominating are herbs and flowers. Some tobacco notes as well. Shows depth. Exciting gripping finish.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 23rd

(France – Roussillon, 14,5%)

Domaine Piquemal ~ Pygmalion 2006

Pygmalion                                Silber

Amazing fruit driven wine. Unlimited dark and overriped fruit. Extensive flavor with dominating pepper. Also a lot of coffee and chocolate. Substantial with an awesome balance. A little bit minerality brings freshness and impressive elegance.

(Winery Report: Piquemal)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 22nd

(Germany – Pfalz, 14%)

Winery Zelt ~ Frühburgunder 2008

Zelt_FB                                Silber

Underestimated grape variety, but this is a spectacular benchmark. Flattering, heart-warming and alluring endlessly. Smooth and strong at once. Enormous ripe berries, significant herbs, licorice and a huge amount of chocolate. Lovely minerality in the background. Formidable.

(Winery Report: Zelt)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 21st

(Germany – Pfalz, 13,5%)

Winery Knipser ~ Spätburgunder “Kirschgarten” GG 2007

Knipser_Kirschgarten                                Gold

A glamorous pinot that combines a modern style with the soil brilliantly. Very ripe and precise fruit. Thriftless flavor from herbs and vegetables. Noble tobacco, toasted wood and chocolate as well. Exciting earthy and fresh minerality with a characteristically acid. Animalistic touch. Complex. A great and unhurried personality within balance.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 20th

(France – Faugères, 14%)

Château De La Liquiere ~ Nos Racines 2007

Nos_Racines                                Silber

A beautiful and luring wine from the schist. Unaffected it provides an outstanding fresh minerality which is leading to a lovely “cool-velvet-silky” mouth feeling. Animalistic with a lot of tobacco and blueberry. Slim and tight with primarily power and a formative flavor from herbs and spices. Amazing.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 19th

(Germany – Pfalz, 14%)

Winery Krebs ~ Cabernet Sauvignon “Barrique” 2007

Spätburgunder_Krebs                                Gold

What an exemplary Cab from Germany! Intensive and fully ripe fruit with dominating black current. Perfect in balance with the subtle and toasted wood. Enthusing freshness by great minerality. Clearly chocolate and red pepper. Juicy and like velvet.

(Winery Report: Krebs)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 18th

(Germany – Pfalz, 13,5%)

Südpfalz Connexion ~ Spätburgunder “Gräfenhausen” 2008

Graefenhausen                                Gold

Barnstorming Pinot for „retro and classic fans”. A wine completely different from most of the market now. Pure and primarily. Meditates quietly by itself. Individual, sensitive and tremendous subtle. Profound and touching with infinite details. Densely but nearly weightless. Magnificent.

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