Barrique-Haus Quickie the 17th

(Spain – Mentrida, 14,5%)

Bodegas Jiménez-Landi ~ Piélago 2006

Piélago                                Silber

A very modern wine from spain with overwhelming limitless fruit. Extreme ripe and dried. Very much power. On the other side it is awesome balanced with fresh minerality which brings in a slim element. Warming with a lot of toasted wood and chocolate as well. Distinctive flavor.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 16th

(Germany – Pfalz, 13,5%)

Winery Zelt ~ Spätburgunder “Kirschgarten” 2008

Kirschgarten                                Gold

A ravishingly beautiful pinot. Endless harmony between thriftless herbs, flowers, toasted wood, chocolate, fresh minerality and very ripe berries. Enormous smooth and juicy. Powerful and full-bodied. Lots of complexity. Enthusing.

(Winery Report: Zelt)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 15th

(France – Faugères, 14,5%)

Château Estanilles ~ Le Clos du Fou 2006

Estanilles_Clos_du_Fou                                Gold

What a gorgeous bottle of wine. Compelling from the beginning until the end. Everything is in a brilliant balance. The wood nearly not noticeable, the very ripe fruit shines juicy and attendant in the background. Noble, reposeful and classy. Enormous multilayered with extensive flavor. Demonstrates terroir all time. Inspiring and great fresh minerality from the schist. Magnificent!

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 14th

(Germany – Ahr, 13,5%)

Winery Adeneuer ~ Spätburgunder N°1 2009

Adeneuer_No_1                                Gold

This fantastic pinot offers completely a modern style. Juicy and flattering all around. Heart-warming with distinctive chocolate and cacao flavor. Well-rounded with formative acid. Very ripe berries, present toasted wood and also some fresh minerality in the background.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 13th

(Germany – Pfalz, 13,5%)

Winery Gies-Düppel ~ Riesling -R- “Kastanienbusch” 2011

Riesling_Kastanienbusch_R                                Gold

This magnificent Riesling is extreme inspiring. It has a lot of power and gripping minerality on the one side and stays so elegant, playful and slim on the other side. Perfect balance. Wood plays a significant role and adds beautiful aromas. Fascinating depth. A tremendous subtle acid livens the wine. Pure terroir. Brainstorming.

(Winery Report: Gies-Düppel)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 12th

(Germany – Pfalz, 14%)

Winery Krebs ~ Spätburgunder “Barrique” 2007

Spätburgunder_Krebs                                Gold

Here we have the winner of the „German Red-Wine Trophy 2010“.

The wine is not offensive and overwhelming as when he was young but it is still gorgeous and flattering. A modern pinot with a huge amount of chocolate and toasted wood. Included vanilla and cacao flavor. Sweet fruit-focus with dense texture and a long finish. Delicious.

(Winery Report: Krebs)

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 11th

(Germany – Mosel, 11%)

Winery Markus Molitor ~ Riesling “Domprobst” Kabinett 2011

Molitor_Domprobst                                Silber

This “Domprobst” Kabinett has a white cap which stands for a dry character (winery own color code).

It is an amazing and formidable Kabinett. Fetching flow. Fantastic fresh and gripping schist minerality. Strong and densely it offers numerous herbs. Lovely flavor. A playful wine with a subtle and vitalizing acid.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 10th

(Spain – Mentrida, 14,5%)

Bodegas Jiménez-Landi ~ El Reventon 2007

El_Reventon                                Gold

Maybe this bottle was not quite ok. Cork influence is possible (my Ataulfos 2009 was horrible corked). Screwers for the win! But more or less the wine (100% Garnacha) showed what it has to offer.

The El Reventon is an extreme modern interpretation of the Garnacha grape. Dominating overriped fruit. Boundless berries and black cherries. A sweet and warming character with chocolate and cacao. Aside a very good cool minerality and immense flavor (brown bread crust). A leading benchmark in his style.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 9th

(Germany – Pfalz, 13,5%)

Winery Knipser ~ Syrah 2008

Knipser_Syrah                                Gold

This exquisite wine is perfectly made. Elegant and classy with relaxing harmony. Significant peppery flavor with herbs and also an animalistic touch. Ripe berries as well. Subtle velvet, clearly wood flavor and chocolate. Great effort.

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Barrique-Haus Quickie the 8th

(Germany – Pfalz, 14,5%)

Winery Zelt ~ Cabernet Franc 2009

Cabernet_Franc                                Silber

This very delightful wine is a rare example of Cabernet Franc which is not so often bottled separately. It’s a pity because the potential is huge like this benchmark shows. Warm and full-bodied it flatters with chocolate and very ripe berries. Shows alluring flow with power and a significant peppery flavor. Juicy with cold elements (minerality) in the background. Impressive.

(Winery Report: Zelt)

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